Children Sponsorship Programme

Children Sponsorship Programme is supported by Fondazione Fratelli Dimenticati Onlus, Italy since 1999 for the upliftment of the standard of living of the most deprived segment of the population particularly in the states of Assam and Meghalaya. It provides basic and due education, with the supply of books and copy books, stationery, food for hostellers, uniforms, medicines, play materials, etc. to the under privileged children of the rural areas has enlighten the parents/family and community in leading a meaningful life, through spreading of education at primary, secondary as well as higher level of technical education.

More than 5000 deserving poor school children had benefited the programme. Sponsored children and their parents, the centre-in-charges and Bosco Reach Out remain grateful to Fondazione Fratelli Dimenticati Onlus, Italy and the generous self-sacrificing benefactors.

Computer Training for Youth At Risk, Umrangso

Computer Training for Youth at Risk at Boarder Areas of Dima Hasao District of Assam has been implemented at Bosco Reach Out Socio-Developmental Centre, Umrangso with the support of Don Bosco Mission Bonn, Germany. It aims to bridge the gap of lacking vocational training centre in the region and large number of unemployment among the local tribal population even though Umrangso is an industrial town, with number of heavy industries set up in the locality.

It will enhance the youth at risk from border area of Dima Hasao district to get training in computer skills and gain meaningful employment. The centre has 20 computer set for the training the students and 3 staff. Students were divided into two batches a day. 51 students received basic computer in 2019.