Rilang Shelter Home

Home at Nongthymmai, Shillong is the result of years of work and observation under the Childline programme. An extension of Children Assistance Booth, Rilang Shelter Home will boost the effort to rescue distressed children.

Considering the need of shelter for underprivileged children who have to spend days walking down streets as ragpickers and sleep at pavement in the night, Bosco Reach Out has built the shelter home to provide these children a safe roof. The Rilang Shelter Home will undertake the responsibility of educating its resident children and take up necessary steps for self-development of children.

Total children accommodated since March 2010: 51 nos.

  1. Children identified and handed over to respective parents of Meghalaya State: 26 nos
  2. Children identified and handed over to Childline of Assam State: 1 nos
  3. Children identified and handed over Childline of Tripura State: 1 nos
  4. Children fled away: 2 nos
  5. Number of children admitted to H.Elias school: 24 nos

Aim of the Shelter Home

  • Don Bosco Centre for Child Rights
  •  A centre for advocacy and lobbying with decision makers to make plans and policies for the best interests of the children
  • Centre for education of children living in difficult circumstances
  • Children in need of care and protection (vulnerable children, school drop-outs, out of school children, orphans, abused children, abandoned children, cowherds, child labourers, children working in coal-mines etc.
  • Centre for out-reach programmes
  • Centre for juvenile justice services to children
  • A home for the homeless