Rural Resource and Training Center

Set up as a training unit on livelihood with provision for field demonstration,RRTC has developed into a full-fledged independent organization with affiliation to BRO. The Center has built its own infrastructure at Umran in a sprawling 143 hectare land, along the Guwahati-Shillong highway.

RRTC acts as live-in training campus where training and interactive sessions on agriculture and livestock are provided to staffs and communities. The Center strives to promote organic farming in a cost-effective manner that is also environment friendly. RRTC seeks to serve the marginalized and facilitate in developing sustainable agriculture and livestock practices. Additionally, it facilitates people to sell product under its level.
RRTC Objectives

  • Building up a model organic farm for sufficient, sustainable and safe food production
  • Demonstrating the viability of eco-friendly and cost-effective appropriate technology.
  • Building up a fully equipped rural resource and raining centre
  • Generating seft-employment through skill development in agro-based industries
  • Training for viable and profitable livestook management

Training programmes
Long Term Course

  • Training Programme for Rural Employment (TPRE)

This is a comprehensive programme encompassing the entire gamut of agriculture and livestock management. It covers most of the short term programmes offered by RRTC.

Short Term Course

  • Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  • Animal health Care
  • Live Stock management
  • Fishery Management Programme
  • Compost Making
  • Plant Propagation
  • Land and Water management Programme
  • Principles of Cultivation
  • Herbal health Care
  • Food Processing
  • Bee Keeping
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Appropriate Technoogy